Corporate Nanny Services

Party Nannies

Supernannies party nanny service is a bespoke childcare services for children at any event. Planning or attending events with young children can be stressful for any parent.  We understand the importance of special occasions to run smoothly, ensuring everyone relaxes and has a great time.

We can provide the perfect solution to your childcare worries. We know it can be challenging for parents to keep their children entertained throughout long celebrations, especially ceremonies and speeches. Our Party Nanny services will put your mind at ease and enable you enjoy your special occasion safe in the knowledge that the children are having a great time too. Supernanny party nanny service can transform your event into a child friendly occasion for all to enjoy!

What do we do?

We will come to any venue and make each child feel like the most important guest on the day. We design a schedule of events and, take them outdoors to play. Parties like Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, house warmings, family days, corporate events and exhibitions, (conferences, office parties, movie premiere, awards/dinner parties.) the list is endless but one thing remains the same, kids will be kids and want to do what kids love to do.

Corporate Creche

People are organizations greatest assets and it is expected that every talent in the organization gives total commitment to their job. However, certain socio-demographic reasons have begun to stress the ability of these staff (especially female staff) to really commit total attention as they are plagued by the demands of their domestic life. Young women with babies ages 0 – 10years tend to be worst hit in this sense as they sometimes have to practically discontinue their careers or risk leaving their children to the hands of fate.

Play Centers

Play Centers(For Shopping Malls):

We offer play services at selected shopping malls, cinemas and supermarket with large foot falls which allows parents to leave their children to play with educational toys while they go about their shopping.

For Hotels:

  1. We have discovered that whenever guests check into the hotel with their children, there exists little or no form of entertainment for the children, making most of them stay in the room and thus easily get bored. However, with a play room for them they will have where they can be fully engaged while they are staying at the hotel.
  2. We also offer provide on demand service for guests who are in hotels who require the service of a caregiver during their stay in the hotel. This is a unique service that has not been embraced by most hotels in Nigeria yet and we believe it will add value to your business and position you ahead of others.